Watches on Watches

So now you’ve got your pocket square and you’re good to go. But what’s next for improving your outfit? How about a watch?!

Watches are a great way to bring more attention to what you’re wearing. With the right watch, you can give your outfit that extra umph and get to the highest of levels.  If it’s shinny, we people are like fish and attracted to anything that catches the light, then you’ll be getting women to notice you from all the way across the room.

When most men have to reach through their pockets looking for their phone, you can just casually lift up your arm, show your bling, and tell the time. Not only do you impress everyone with your accessorizing, but you also beat the man who is still looking for his phone. The girl will be much more impressed by this!


The Pocket Square

Have you ever noticed a man with a pocket square? It adds so much to an outfit. With its fanciness and all. You get to pick a color and/or pattern that doesn’t match anything else you’re wearing. It’s great! Like Frosted Flakes!

So how do you wear a pocket square? Well there are many ways to tie one, the easiest of which is what I like to call the pinch. You simply lay your pocket square flat out on a whatever surface (though water surface probably won’t work very well), then you pinch the middle with one hand, use the other hand to fold this pinch back about an inch and a half, flip it around, and just stuff it in your pocket! That easy!  Maybe wasn’t the best of descriptions but check out the link at the beginning of this paragraph to see better description with pictures!

So spruce up your outfit with a beautiful pocket square and watch as heads turn when you walk by, looking all confident and invincible!


What determines a good fit?

dress shirt

So there you are, in the store with rows and rows of shirts just mocking you. They all look nice but for some reason you get the idea that they don’t fit. Over at they discuss just these kind of subjects. So how can you be sure that they don’t? Well there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when putting these shirts on and they are as follows:

First the obvious one, they need to feel comfortable. This isn’t always as obvious as you’d expect. For instance, larger men will need a looser type of shirt to compliment their physique and skinnier men need a shirt that sits snug on their waist.

When your collar is buttoned up you should be able to put two fingers next to each other.

You must never be able to slip off your shirt when the cuffs are still buttoned.

Your sleeves must just cover your wrist bone when you let them hang next to your sides.

The seams of the shoulders should but at the corner from your chest, it’s the part of your shoulder that’s the farthest away from your chest.

Make sure you can pinch the fabric around your waist for at least 1 to 3 inches, this is of course also depending on the type of shirt you prefer to wear.


Still not sure if you are able to recognize if the shirt fits? Visit sites like askmen for more questions about men’s wear and lifestyle.


The Classiest of Necktie Knots that Every Single Man Knows



The four-in-hand knot is the classiest of necktie knots. You have probably done it before, but you just did not know its name, maybe someone had taught it to you.

My father taught me this one when I was in junior high school, he did not even tell me what is was called, this was the only knot I knew how to tie. Back then, no one would even hear of different knots, everyone did not use to be as detailed as now.

Nowadays, men pay more attention to details, and have come up with multiple versions of what a knot is all about.

For example, according to real men real style, there are 18 ways to do it.

Moreover, tailored shirts are the best types of shirts that go with this knot. You may be wondering why, the truth is this knot is very asymmetrical for which you need a good shirt to balance it out.

If not, then imperfections of this knot are very visible and will not leave a great impression on anyone.